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Health Care. We need to work to reduce healthcare costs which are squeezing working families and businesses, especially small businesses, throughout the district.  Bob will fight to reduce costs, improve quality and coverage, and make sure our families and children are healthy by:

Reform.  Bob believes we need to reform our malpractice system because many physicians are concerned about law suits.  This, along with administrative simplification would attract more physicians to the State.  We have a serious shortage of physicians in the State and reform would help address this.

Areas of Improvement.  Because we are facing a physician shortage in Massachusetts, Bob believes we must shift from a fee-for-service to a global payment system -therefore rewarding value over volume. We should also create a marketplace that offers more choices,  is more customer focused, allows for more individual decisions and is less Government controlled.  We must also work to lessen the burden on families and small businesses.

Working toward even better access.  Although the majority of  Massachusetts residents are  covered by health insurance, Bob understands that having insurance coverage does not always guarantee access to affordable care.  We are experiencing high out of pocket costs, limited networks, and excessive deductibles, which creates a hardship for all.  We must work to reduce unnecessary costs at a system level.

Working toward Preventive Care.  A great deal of healthcare money is spent on treating chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.  Not enough is done to help prevent these diseases.  To be cost effective, we should make health and nutrition in our schools a top priority.  Teaching children at an early age  how to make good choices could help prevent future health problems.

Jobs and Economic Growth.  Although Massachusetts' unemployment rate is below the national level, our district has a higher unemployment rate than the state average.  This area has never recovered from the decline of the manufacturing era, in which we experienced many industries closing in the greater Woonsocket and Framingham areas. 

Bob will work to help put residents back to work by:

Helping small businesses succeed.  Bob believes in offering low interest loans to help small businesses survive.   Many times they have to reinvest or use their own capital to help grow or improve their business

Infrastructure.  Bob believes that we should allocate more funds for our bridge and highway infrastructure, which is greatly deteriorating.  This will also create a great number of construction jobs.

Workforce Forums.  Bob would like to create a workforce forum with staffing agencies, hospitals and colleges to help determine what employers are looking for.

Allocating funding for job training,  Massachusetts has over 100,000 unfilled jobs because employers cannot find qualified candidates.  Bob believes that we must fund programs to train our residents in such fields as medicine, technology and science which desperately need workers.   We could also work with colleges to coordinate training programs for our residents.

Labor.  Bob supports organized labor.  His number one priority is jobs.  He is not in favor of  just any jobs, but for good jobs that pay livable wages.  People are forced to work two and three jobs to make ends meet, without benefits or protections.  We should not continue to witness the destruction of the middle class and do nothing about it.  We should be working together to build a stronger middle class.

Seniors. Seniors are a fundamental part of any strong community.  Bob will fight for our seniors by:

Funding concerns.  Having been a selectman for 24 years Bob knows how important it is to assure that our senior programs continue to be funded.  Many of our seniors are dependent on fuel aid, meals on wheels, and transportation assistance.

Helping our seniors.  As a former Friends of Council on Aging President, Bob has the experience to work closely with our Councils on Aging and other organizations to ensure that our later years are comfortable and enjoyable.  Bob will continue to support programs that provide activities and help our seniors avoid isolation and continue to be an important part of the community. 

Supporting the senior circuit breaker.  Bob realizes how difficult some seniors have it by paying their property taxes, water and sewer bills and so forth.  Bob will support the tax break for such initiatives in order to protect our seniors on fixed incomes.  Many were born and raised here and we must work to make sure they can continue to live in the community of their choice. I

Involving Young People.  Bob believes we should get our young people involved in volunteering their services and spending time communicating with our senior citizens.  We could start by working with the schools and civic organizations.

Education. Bob believes we must provide a first rate public education for the children in our district, it is one of his top priorities.  He has demonstrated that by supporting the construction of three new schools in Blackstone, casting the deciding vote to building the Millville Elementary School and working diligently to support Blackstone’s new library on Main Street. Bob will work to improve our education system by:

Supporting our teachers.  Bob understands the important role that teachers play in a child’s academic career.  Having been endorsed by the Massachusetts Teacher's Association,  Bob will make sure to work with them to ensure that all teachers have what they need to teach our children effectively. 

Allocate adequate funding for Pre K and early education.  Bob understands that a child’s preschool education is critical to their academic development.   He will strive to bring additional funding to early education programs that work with children during these important years. 

Post Secondary Education.  Bob believes that we should be ensuring that our young people are trained to obtain jobs.  That’s why he believes that community colleges and trade schools play an important role during these tough economic times.   By allowing these schools to implement creative curriculum, we can better prepare our young people for the future. 

Veterans. Bob believes that we must support all those who have served us is of critical importance.  Although this state has done a good job in securing benefits for our veterans, Bob believes we can do more by:

Making veterans aware.  Being on the Board of Selectman for 24 years, Bob has worked with the Veterans' Agent on many issues and realizes that a number of veterans are unaware of the many benefits that are available to them.   Although Massachusetts has great programs such as Chapter 115, the Welcome Home program and the Valor Act, we must do more to support our veterans administration’s efforts and to assist our local veterans services in locating and informing our veterans of the benefits available to them.

Working with Charitable Organizations.. There are many wonderful charitable organizations that support veterans in finding the resources necessary to serve our Vet’s and their families.   But of course they are limited with what they can do.   Bob believes we need to find ways that we can partner with these organizations to better serve our veterans. 

Supporting our Military Families.  Bob knows that when someone goes to war, they also leave a family behind.  We must work to extended services not only to our veterans but to their family members.